Alberta Highways - AB 43

AB 43

All photos are eastbound. All but the two at AB 40 are courtesy Rich Piehl.

What are now old shields, in Hythe.

My contribution to this page is the overhead and ground-mounted signs at the northern end of AB 40. AB used to use outline shields instead of regular white shields on guide signs. Notice something wrong with the "43" font? How about the arrow placement to left and right?

One of the many divided sections of 43 between Grande Prairie and TCH 16 near Edmonton when Rich drove the road, then leaving it (as it's incomplete beyond the overpass) onto the two-lane with clear evidence of future twinning. Even the lightpoles are up on the future westbound carriageway).

Continuing to another section with both carriageways completed and open. If you can't tell, the goal is to link all these sections. If you also can't tell, I'm not sure which section is where among Rich's photos. The reason for the aggressive twinning of a seemingly rural highway is the Canamex Corridor, which then follows AB 2 toward the U.S. and I-15 in Montana.

Another section ends, and then there's widening for a further section to be built. Of course, all of the dualization has since been completed.

AB 43X, which became AB 43

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