Alberta Highways - AB 40

AB 40

All photos are southbound.

This was the Blue Bridge across the Smoky River near Grand Cache, but it's gone now, torn out for a replacement. From the wooden deck to the condition of the steel and lack of paint, I'd say Alberta decided at some point before 2013 they were going to let it die. Cited in the rationale was that the deck and bridge clearance needed to be improved for freight traffic. The deck I get. But did they look into orthotropic steel grid? What vehicles are they anticipating that are taller than 6 metres? Again, I think they came in knowing the conclusion and backed into the reasoning. So let's have a moment of silence for this bridge, 1951-2019.

That moment actually lasted 78 minutes, until the next photo of roadly interest all the way down at the Yellowhead Highway. The AB 40 shield is humorously oversized.

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