Alberta Highways - AB 3/AB 2

AB 3 (Crowsnest Highway) and AB 2/3

An old alignment of AB 3 branches to the south just east of the BC border in Sentinel. It was a railway grade crossing, visible in my look back in the 3rd photo, replaced by an overpass.

A few photos showing off the crow and nest that symbolize the Crowsnest Highway. The imaginative part is getting the "3" to be legible in all that. The 2nd photo is on the AB 2/3 concurrency, not "to" AB 2, a common issue in Alberta that makes me think concurrencies are not defined in the highway system, only assumed. The bonus 3rd photo is in Fort Macleod.

First, the turn is signed as 23 North to Access. (Notice I didn't say AB 23. There's no "Alberta" in the shield.) Then it's signed "to" AB 23 North to Monarch and Vulcan, which are very different places than Access, considering Access doesn't exist. Finally, it's signed as AB 3A and AB 23 together. So, everyone's wrong, but the 2nd photo is closest. It just needs an AB 3A shield to be correct. The third assembly is okay if it adds a "TO" above the 23. Throw out the first sign and start over.

You have as much time to read this WB sign as I did to photograph it. Can you figure out what's to the left, or do you just guess and assume anything interesting is that way? (You would be wrong, as Vulcan is to the right here at the actual AB 23 junction. AB 23 ramps are to/from the east only at AB 3, which is why AB 3A was needed for the westward movements.) By the way, Head-Smashed-In and Buffalo Jump are not two separate destinations, which is another reason why this sign is so poor. It should be a series of signs, and probably omit the first destination as being redundant.

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