Alberta Highways - AB 23

AB 23

AB 23 begins, and it won't take any of your guff about matching shields.

Older NB secondary shields.

Strange things end up on poles on this road; these two are just a minute apart. The farm equipment is someone's choice, but Vulcan County is an official sign that incorporates a Star Trek font. They were named this before Gene Roddenberry named an alien race after the Roman god of fire.

Older guide signs had outlined shields, WB through the AB 2 interchange just east of High River. Yes, AB 23 turned from north to west (at AB 24), and Alberta tends to sign these things religiously. Just look at the number of turns AB 2 takes at its northern reaches and the number of times the signed direction changes accordingly. It's interesting that AB 23 is still signed as the through route here, because it ends in 1.5 km and AB 2A begins. (That point really should move back to this interchange. It dates to when AB 2 came up through Cayley onto 10 St. and turned left there into High River.)

The same set of photos in the EB direction. I'm not a fan of adding the arrow with "next exit," especially when it's this inconsistent, but I'll forgive anything for outlined shields.

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