Alberta Highways - AB 216

AB 216, Anthony Henday Drive

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In 2013, AB 216 was complete around three of Edmonton's geographical quadrants. This was its clockwise beginning from Meridian Drive SB at TCH 16, and the sign on the next exit ramp (now Exit 58). All of these signs are gone, the first because the interchange has been completely rebuilt, and the last two because they were old and out of date. This section of AB 201 onto 101 Ave. to the west was AB 16A until 1996, so now you know these signs are older than that (because of the patch). Before that time, AB 14X continued straight down to AB 14. From 1996 to 1999, AB 14X took over the rest of then-complete Anthony Henday Drive up to TCH 16, before the AB 216 number was born. So yeah, the ramp signs date to 1992 when the road opened.

Two more clockwise photos featuring progressively newer signs. The first was the original end of the city-built bypass (they didn't feel like waiting for the province), featuring another outdated sign with small text and a really tiny shield. The shield on the left sign is the current standard, though the ones on the right sign are closer to regular shields. In the second photo, the airplanes amuse me; they belong down by the Airport text. Also, Gateway Blvd. is still part of AB 2. Show some love! It is definitely faster at this point to stay on AB 216 than to head north through the city, but something should indicate AB 2 North on one of these two signs.

AB 216 construction photos

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