Alberta Highways - AB 2

AB 2

AB 2 SB at AB 3, also known as the Crowsnest Trail, which should make what you see here obvious. As you'll see in the big link below, AB 2 follows AB 3 for a little bit east (through Fort Macleod). AB 810 heads south from a little west of here, paralleling AB 2 toward the USA.

AB 2, Grande Prairie to Peace River

AB 2, Calgary to Edmonton

Onto AB 3 and AB 2/3

AB 2A, former AB 2

All the good karma generated by the old signs leading up to the exit is squandered by this Helvetica/Arial font at the exit itself. How was this so hard? Why does Alberta insist that concurrencies don't exist, so that AB 2 is now a "TO" shadow for the next 5 km?

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