Hawai`i - Lahaina

Lahaina, Maui

Made out of stones and probably bleached coral, the L of Lahaina sits above the city, a giant and inscrutable mascot. The details of what appears to be "DS" and other stones in the top part of the L are not visible without a zoom lens and a camera at the very least, unless you're willing to hike up to it.

The spreading banyan tree outside Baum Courthouse is the world's largest, covering nearly an entire acre, and it's only as old as 1873. Yes, that's all one tree; it has dropped dozens of roots over the years to enable its spread. Inside the courthouse is the original flag flying over the building where the Republic of Hawai`i formally ceded its independence to the United States in 1898; this flag was lowered and preserved, and the U.S. flag went up.

The light at the corner of the walkable harbor area was made of wood in 1840 and is still made of wood today, but has undergone numerous improvements and iterations since then. It is the oldest Pacific Ocean lighthouse in the United States, even though this structure only dates to 1905.

Some of the historic Lahaina buildings that survived the 1946 tsunami. The pagoda is the first Buddhist temple in Hawai`i. The "brown" house in the last photo is really red, made entirely of hewn lava and coral. The Baldwin Home, the white one, is also made of those, but the paint makes it a little less fun.

One of the sites that hasn't survived intact is the fort on Prison St. It was reconstructed sometime after the car now in front of it stopped working.

Lana`i seen from the harbor area.

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