Washington Roads - US 12/I-82

US 12 and I-82

All photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa and date from 1983 or 1985.

US 12 EB in Yakima, 1985. Gotta love those shields.

I-82 EB at that same point, same year. WSDOT didn't have the naches to add US 12 EAST to the pull-through BGS (the sign above the through lanes). The font looks a little weird, which may be due to a closely spaced sign layout.

Actually, these aren't the same exit. Both are from I-82/US 12 eastbound, but the latter is at the end of the Exit 82 offramp. Both were taken in 1985.

WA 397 NB, which turns into US 395 NB and thus looks suspiciously like part of an old alignment to me. The spaces on the signs may have been anticipating I-182, though that Interstate presently only runs to the west - and this photo is over twenty years old, taken in 1983. Yum button copy.

US 12 WB in Walla Walla, 1983. The Oregon shield is not hard for WSDOT (Washington State DOT) to get right.

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