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This rocks-in-roof sign (WA standard for falling rocks) ranks second on my list to a sign at MIT.

Seattle sights - the 5th Street monorail to the Space Needle, and some cracked downtown street signs.

Sorry, officer, I'm directionally challenged. West is... to the left?

Sign 1: The end of National Forest Road 99, at NFR 25. Since the sign is small, the thing to notice is that I-5 is signed both ways - south is a little longer but takes you around the south side of Mt. St. Helens. Sign 2: Just a NFR sample shield. Sign 3: US 12 WB at WA 131 SB. WA 131 ends pretty quickly, turning into NFR 23 and/or 25. 25 takes you to Spirit Lake via the dead-tree Blast Zone, which appears to be the significance of that rainbowy shield next to the 131 SOUTH.

Both on WA 410 WB, the first at Chinook Pass, the second exiting Mt. Rainier National Park.

WA 7 NB at WA 508's beginning just north of US 12.

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